Battery monitoring system

Monitoraggio di batteria (BMS)

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    Battery monitoring systemBMS

    Battery monitoring system

    Technical detail

    Industrial batteries monitoring system. Easy to use and install. The batteries are the heart of the an emergency system. The right monitoring of the batteries save resources and time. Falcon substitute technicians for verify the operation of the batteries and increase the life time of the batteries.


    • Easy installation
    • Accurate measurement of voltages, currents and temperatures
    • Installable inside in a battery cabinet or on wall for batteries on rack
    • Reliable monitoring device

    • Checks the operating parameters
    • Reports of the faults
    • Effective preventive maintenance system
    • Ensure that the battery is in a good working order
    • Reduces/eliminates standard maintenance processes
    • Helps reducing the costs associated with battery maintenance and management

    • Input voltage from mains or battery, up to 480 Volt 
    • Operating temperature: -20 +50°C
    • 12 channels, each max 40Vdc, in order to monitor batteries up to 480Vdc  
    • Temperature probe range: -40 to +80°C
    • SPDT alarm


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    • Oil & Gas
    • Power Generation & water treatment
    • Power transmission & distribution
    • Transports
    • Mining, chemical and metallurgical industry
    • Process Industry