Modular UPS

Modular UPS

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  • CELATE Pro

    Double conversion on-line UPSwith 42 kW modules parallelable up to 1 MW

    Double conversion on-line UPS with 42 kW modules parallelable up to 1 MW

    Tecnical detail

    Modular high performance uninterruptible power systems, when it is requested to increase the reliability of the business. They ensure the protection of network equipment, safety systems.

    • Maximum Reliability
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Very low MTTR
    • High power

    • On-line double conversion technology: eliminates any noise coming from the mains and ensures maximum reliability.
    • Low management costs: high efficiency and the Eco-mode functionality allow to minimize the operating consumptions.
    • Maximum compatibility with the upstream system, thanks to the active control of the quality of the harmonics and current distortion lower than 3%.
    • Hot-swap drawer replacement
    • Maximum optimisation of MTTR

    • Eco-mode operation for low management costs and low environmental impact.
    • Intelligent cooling allows additional energy savings
    • Full compliance with international product standards.
    • Equipped with programmable outputs to set load priorities.
    • Acoustic alarms in case of power blackout and status changes of the UPS.
    • Free slot to house communication cards.


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    • Large datacenters
    • Telecommunications