LEVER provides maintenance services in the field of energy conversion and continuity, in particular for UPS, rectifiers and batteries used in the industrial field. Rectifiers, UPS and their batteries require periodic maintenance checks in order to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

These controls are indispensable so that in any condition the UPSs perform their function by avoiding power supply problems.
Other controls allow you to detect component degradation, thermal shock effects, clamping and connections, all situations that, if not previously managed, can also compromise system security.
LEVER provides professional services for preventive and corrective maintenance of DC and AC continuity systems.
Also, through appropriate training courses, LEVER engineers can instruct the teams involved in controlling such equipment. Adequate and in-depth preventive maintenance together with the direct involvement of plant operators through training are the only way to achieve satisfactory levels of reliability, efficiency and safety while at the same time achieving significant cost management costs.