Rectifiers Battery charger, 60 to 120 A, SCR technology

Tecnical detail

Rectifiers battery charger to supply the auxiliary in the substation and protection relays

  • SCR removable modular technology
  • Input power transformer
  • Natural cooling of the cabinet  
  • Industrial output voltages 24, 48, 60, 110, 125, 220Vdc
  • Customizable according to customer specification

  • Removable modular conversion units
  • Input power transformer
  • Natural cooling of the cabinet 
  • MCB distribution switches installed on the door (optional)
  • Optional analog instruments
  • Cabinet Protection degree up to IP42
  • Can be installed stick to the wall
  • Heavy metal structure of the cabinet
  • Easy transport by Hand pallet trucks
  • Terminal blocks for connection cables
  • SPDT alarm board as standard
  • LEDs boards for the main operation  visual check
  • Digital instrument for battery voltage and current

  • Easy to use and install
  • Works with all types of lead and NiCd batteries.
  • High reliability in industrial environmental conditions
  • Full compliance with international IEC standards.


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  • DC auxiliaries of MV, HV substations and protections relay





Mains 400 Vac 3Ph
Input range -10% / +10%
Frequency 50-60Hz ± 5%
Output rated voltage 24, 48, 110, 220 Vdc
Temperature coefficient 0,18% for °C
Charge charateristics Constant current / constant voltage I / U as
required by IEC 478-1 during variable charge
Noise level < 50dB
Cooling Natural (forced only for rectifier bridge)

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Rectifiers Battery charger

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60 to 120 A, SCR technology