Double conversion on-line UPS, 1 to 6KVA

Tecnical detail

The substation emergency power supply unit are a range of products dedicated to the power supply of the auxiliary services of the medium voltage substations, manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Standard CEI 0-16.


  • On-line double conversion technology: eliminates any noise coming from the mains and ensures maximum reliability.
  • Low management costs: high efficiency and the Eco-mode functionality allow to minimize the operating consumptions.
  • Maximum compatibility with the upstream system, thanks to the active control of the quality of the harmonics and current distortion lower than 3%.
  • User replaceable batteries.
  • Ability to add external battery modules to increase back-up times.
  • Automatic self test with advanced battery management allows to maximize battery performance and service life.
  • Monitoring software. The software, available for Microsoft, Mac and Linux operating systems, allows to control the UPS, to shut it down in the event of a fault and to perform remote diagnostics of the main functions.

  • Input power factor 0.99 and THDi<3%
  • Eco-mode operation for low management costs and low environmental impact.
  • Intelligent cooling allows additional energy savings
  • Full compliance with international product standards.
  • Equipped with programmable outputs to set load priorities.
  • Acoustic alarms in case of power blackout and status changes of the UPS.
  • Free slot to house communication cards.
  • USB port as standard.


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  • Power supply of medium voltage substations auxiliaries


Technical date


MODEL ECAB 1101 ECAB 1102 ECAB 1103 ECAB 1106
CAPACITY [VA/W] 1000/800 2000/1600 3000/2400 6000/5400
Nominal Voltage 200/208/220/230/240 Vac
Interval Frequency 46 ÷ 64 Hz
Power factor ≥ 0,99 @ Nominal Voltage (100% load)
Selectable Voltage 200/208/220/230/240 Vac
Reg. VoltageAC (Bat. mode) ± 1%
Range Freq. (Synch. Mode) 47÷53 Hz o 57÷63 Hz
Range Freq. (Bat. Mode) 50±0.25 Hz o 60±0.3 Hz
Peak factor 3:1
Overload 130% for 1 second
Harmonic Distortion ≤ 3% THD (linear load); ≤ 6% (distortion load)
Input-Battery Transfer Time 0 ms
Time Transfer Inverter-Mains Socc < 4 ms (medio)
Efficiency 90,2% 91,2% 93,2%
Power 115 min. con 50 W 154 min. con 100 W 120 min. con 150 W 240 min. con 350 W
LCD Display Stato UPS, livello Carico e Batteria, VoltageIngresso/Uscita, Timer Scarica, SPDT allarms
Battery operation Beep every 4 seconds
Low Battery Level Beep every second
Overload Doppio Beep every second
Alarm Beep continuoususus
Dimensions (LxPxA) 145 x 397 x 220 190 x 421 x 318 250 x 592 x 576
Weight (kgs) 13 26 28 81
Rumorosità < 50dB @ 1m
Work environment Temperature 0÷40°C ; Humidity <90%
Interfaccia di Communication USB e RS232; Intellislot for opzione SNMP, AS400, ModBus cards

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Double conversion on-line UPS

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1 to 6KVA d


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