The Technical Team

Pre-sale and post-sale consultation

All LEVER experts have years of technical experience in the field of energy conversion for the supply of critical loads.

Technical support:

  • Technical information about the products
  • Sizing of UPS and DC rectifiers
  • Sizing and choosing the batteries
  • Provision of official technical guides
  • Installation requirements
  • Educational documentation and newsletters
  • Technical specifications

Technical Seminars

Seminars can be requested to LEVER directly by the Customers or Local Partners. Consultants can request seminars for better understand the characteristics of our systems. Lever support with brief description helping the consultants to write the technical specifications.

Design Support

Technical consulting concerning selection, sizing and installation of products and solutions.

Help Desk

LEVER is always available and accessible via telephone, fax and e-mail, to provide immediate answers to your requests

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

A FAT or Factory Acceptance Test is usually preformed at the LEVER prior to shipping to a client. LEVER tests the system in accordance with the clients approved test plans and specifications to show that system is at a point to be installed and tested on site. It’s an essential aspect of the whole system lifecycle and is performed by experienced personnel. Time spent doing a proper FAT will lead to fewer problems when the equipment is installed.

Site Acceptant Test (SAT)

SAT is Site Acceptance Test of a system to ensure it is tested in accordance to Client approved test plans and specifications to show the system is installed properly and interfaces with other systems and peripherals in its working environment.